Why did the farmer cross the chicken?

Local man has unusual chicken/pheasant cross

Jesus Contreras stands beside his vehicle, with a wide grin on his face and an unusual but striking-looking bird in his arms.

Usually during the day he is home tending his flowers and birds. He has chickens, ducks, quail and pheasant, and their eggs, along with fresh flowers, provides an income.

But he came to town to introduce the latest addition to his feathered stock: this bird, a 4-month-old cross between a chicken and a pheasant.

“This is my dream from a long time ago when I was a kid in Mexico,” he said. “Finally, my dream came true.”

The as-yet-unnamed bird, a female, is the product of a cross between a gray pheasant and a orangish-brown rooster. She herself is brownish, with black mottling at the tips of her feathers and sweeping tail feathers. Slightly under the size of an adult chicken, she shoots nervous, darting glances around, but quiets when Contreras puts her back on the floor of his vehicle.

Contreras, originally from Jalisco, Mexico, came to America at age 16 and became a citizen four years later. While he proudly recalls “running for president” of his small town in Jalisco, he lives now in Montara where he raises chickens and ducks.

Somewhere along the line, someone told him that it was possible to cross a chicken and a pheasant. He never forgot that.

So he obtained a pheasant through Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel, tried crossing her with one of his roosters, and met with success.

He has another chicken/pheasant, a male.

He says he plans to introduce the two of them, and see what happens.